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Clay Characters

I was always averse to clay as a medium. I found it messy, difficult to control, mould and shape. My mindset then shifted toward this medium. I decided to apply a little of what I had learnt teaching children to making clay scultpures-specifically the naivety and almost muted form that children often make in clay. I suppose I could make finer and more delicate work but there is something about working in clay that almost demands a rough and slightly rude approach.

I also realised that you can actually make so much with clay ( a bowl, a vase, a cup etc or sculptural objects), so one needs to make up your mind before you start making the object. I often get my pupils to make a design/drawing of the object that they want to make before they attempt making it. With the object pictured below I knew I wanted to make an angel and I wanted to be able to use it as a wall hanging/decoration and I then started building the project accordingly.

I am also not so proficient in the use and effects of glazes on clay (even though I love the effects that they have). So, in the spirit of sticking with what I know, I use PVA paint to paint many of my sculptures and then add a varnish later.

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